That’s one small step up a platform for man; one giant leap for connectivity!

Marshal McLuhan defines the past pretty accurately, by stating “the medium is the message”.

In the past, we were audiences. Viewers. Absorbers. Robots. We were controlled. The media dominated us. This was the age of Web 1.0.

In this sketch, I attempt to illustrate the age of Web 1.0 as Gauntlett describes it. Publics absorbed the material the same way children absorbed lessons from teachers in schools. The media had a big part to play in influencing our non-virtual ways of livelihood.

Presently, we live in the age of Web 2.0. We no longer act as mere sponges to the messages we receive. Instead, media platforms provide vast opportunities for us to express ourselves.

David Gauntlett writes in his book “Making is Connecting”,

“We saw that people often spend time creating things because they want to feel alive in the world, as participants rather than viewers, and to be active and recognised within a community of interesting people. It is common that they wish to make their existence, their interests and their personality more visible in the contexts that are significant to them, and they want this to be noticed.”

The internet has given us the opportunity to participate in the flow of information. We reconstruct, shape, influence, create our environments through the use of this media platform.

According to Gauntlett and Danah Boyd (, we encompass the natural urge to create things. It is our way of making our individual statements in society and claiming our existence.

The internet, and more specifically social media and collaborative websites (blogs, Wikipedia) are platforms we utilize to channel our creativities through and thus connecting us with the world at large.

We all have the desire to create things and to express our thoughts and emotions. Web 2.0 allows us to do that, as a result connecting us with wider publics.
The internet as a platform has changed our behaviors in the offline world; stimulating our interests for crafty projects, DIY activities and creating things in general.


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